ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
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ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
Alchemy of Space ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle

Luxury Furniture, Unique Real Estate, Interior Design, Architecture, Construction Services 

ALCHEMY OF SPACE aims to present the diversity of the ways that human kind created to enhance our living environment and dwellings. We invite interior design and architectural studios, producers of luxury furniture and exclusive construction materials, decorators, landscapers and artists to demonstrate their unique products and services. 

Alchemy of Space welcomes companies involved in the following lines of business: 

  • Unique and luxury real estate;
  • Interior and exterior design;
  • Architecture;
  • Construction services;
  • Luxury furniture and decoration services;
  • Landscaping.

Creation of a quality living environment is a true science, and not simply in architectural or construction terms. This science includes a wealth of knowledge on everything from creating reliable protection against elements to ensuring that the dwelling corresponds to the emotional and energetical characteristics of the owner and is geographically well-positioned. 

Ancient wisdom suggests that meaning of human existence is enjoyment of the treasures of this world. There is no question however, that enjoyment and satisfaction are substantially related to the quality of our surrounding environment and specifically environment of the places where we spend most time – our home and work. 

Many methods of harmonizing and perfecting the living space have emerged over the centuries. Different cultures presented this knowledge in a variety of ways – sacred geometry of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, Chinese feng-shui, Vedic vastu and many others. The laws behind this knowledge never expire; we may no longer live in castles and elaborate village houses yet their relevance has not vanished. 

They now find their way to our apartments and houses through wise selection of the location, careful architectural planning, special interior design techniques, choice of colors and materials, positioning of objects and choice of quality furniture. All of these features help us turn our routine existence into a quality lifestyle where every minute of spent in well-arranged space brings happiness and satisfaction. 

Everyone has different tastes and expectation of their surroundings yet we are all united in desire for it to be unique. We may not fully realise the laws of the universe which determine the energy of the surrounding space, but we all know that the place we call ‘home’ is somehow special to us. Natural desire to create your ‘own’ space and relentless efforts we are putting into decorating and designing their dwellings indicate that these impulses are of no secondary importance. We define the space we live in; yet the space also defines and empowers us by granting creativity and motivation, providing safe haven for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Alchemy of Space provides a unique opportunity for your business to offer them your products and services within the theme of quality lifestyle during ALQUIMIA Fair held on February 15-17 in Crocus Expo. 

By becoming an exhibitor you gain a unique opportunity to demonstrate to your potential clients the uniqueness of your products and services within the context of a themed space. 

And if you book your participation before October 30, 2007 we will give you a 5% discount off the price of exhibition space and a chance to give a free presentation of your company or product on the main demonstration grounds (conditions apply). By becoming an exhibitor in ALQUIMIA Fair you are joining the elite group of those who stand for improving the quality of human life.


ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
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