ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
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ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
Alchemy of Style ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle

Quality, Exclusiveness, Style, Beauty

Alchemy of Style will amaze you with a wide spectrum of products which through their characteristics share one common aspiration –high quality standards. ALQUIMIA Fair brings together manufacturers of luxurious iconic products, stylish clothing, exclusive homewares – all of those things that make our life more bright and beautiful. 

The following categories of the luxury products will be presented: 

  • Exclusive alcoholic beverages;
  • Luxury cuisine and restaurants;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • Luxury interior design and homewares;
  • Fashion designers and tailored design;
  • VIP gifts and souvenirs.

Market leaders always aim to create a product that would be unique in its own way and would satisfy the consumers. The most successful companies do not stop there. By offering their special products to the market they help customers develop a more subtle, aesthetic appreciation which will create lasting loyalty and respect for their brand and their products. Emotions and feelings define the individuality of each customer; they also define their daily choices.

Everlasting struggle of the modern society for archiving satisfaction has led to marginalization of interests and weakened sense of distinction between fake and genuine. The task of Alchemy of Style section of ALQUIMIA Fair is to create a realm of true luxury, where style, quality and beauty all merge together and by reigniting senses and emotions create an experience like no other.

Many casual items we use in daily life have a unique history and legend that, unbeknown to us all, sometimes hides a truly deep meaning. The history of creation behind these items sometimes involves great technological advances that have developed over centuries; others are a result of experimental efforts of generations before us. By unleashing some of this hidden treasure behind your product, Alchemy of Style will help your customers feel, touch, smell and visualise the legend that is also your unique product.

Join us and present your quality products and services with ALCHEMY OF STYLE us during ALQUIMIA Fair held on February 15-17 in Crocus Expo.

By becoming an exhibitor you gain a unique opportunity to demonstrate to your potential clients the uniqueness of your products and services within the context of a themed space.

And if you book your participation before October 30, 2007 we will give you a 5% discount off the price of exhibition space and a chance to give a free presentation of your company or product on the main demonstration grounds (conditions apply). By becoming an exhibitor in ALQUIMIA Fair you are joining the elite group of those who stand for improving the quality of human life.

ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
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