ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
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ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
Alchemy of Travel ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle

Luxury Travel, Exploration, Tailored Travelling Experiences 

According to industry data the volume of travel services catering for individual needs takes up roughly 20% of worldwide spending on travel. With increasingly open and globalized world and ability to conveniently travel to virtually any corner of the world has given rise to a new market segment of ‘exclusive’ travel where the needs and desires of individual traveller come first. Rapid economic development of Russia and rising prosperity of its citizens has inspired an annual double digit growth in total spending on travel since later 90s. As travel market has matured and expanded so did the demand for luxury and ultra-luxury travel opportunities. No surprise that world’s most expensive resorts and hotels worldwide are now providing Russian-language services. 

Alchemy of Travel, as a special theme section within ALQUIMIA Fair brings together travel agencies and operators which specialize in adventure, extreme, exploration, wellness and other special interest travel, as well as luxury hotels and resorts and transportation service provides. 

The exciting and engaging atmosphere that will be created by ALQUIMIA Fair will draw in those for whom travel is a way of life as well as those who look for that extra special service and higher quality in their travelling experience. Our target audience are well-off individuals with an active lifestyle who value their time with preference for individual treatment and luxury. Special interior design of Alchemy of Travel stalls will entice fair visitors to realise their dreams by choosing your services. 

Alchemy of Travel is not only about attracting new customers to your business. You will get a chance to meet with industry professionals and establish important ties and business contacts. This is a unique opportunity for those who seek to enter this lucrative business to see with their own eyes what is on offer. 

Alchemy of Travel welcomes companies involved in the following lines of business: 

Exclusive travel services:

  • Personalized and tailored travel;
  • Underwater adventures and diving;
  • Exploration and cultural tourism;
  • Eco-tourism;
  • Extreme travel;
  • Wellness and health-improvement travel;
  • Business and event-specific travel.


  • Wellness and SPA-resorts;
  • Domestic and international SPA-hotels.

Luxury accommodation:


  • Art-hotels;
  • Luxury hotels and resorts;
  • Luxury hotel chains.

Luxury transport services:

  • Airlines;
  • Cruises liners;
  • Private airtravel;
  • Luxury car-hire.

Join us and present your quality services with ALCHEMY OF TRAVEL us during ALQUIMIA Fair held on February 15-17 in Crocus Expo. 

By becoming an exhibitor you gain a unique opportunity to demonstrate to your potential clients the uniqueness of your products and services within the context of a themed space. 

And if you book your participation before October 30, 2007 we will give you a 5% discount off the price of exhibition space and a chance to give a free presentation of your company or product on the main demonstration grounds (conditions apply). By becoming an exhibitor in ALQUIMIA Fair you are joining the elite group of those who stand for improving the quality of human life.


ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
ALQUIMIA Fair - Quality Of Life As A Lifestyle
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